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dc.contributor.advisorOñate Valdivieso, Fernando Rodrigoes_ES
dc.contributor.authorJaramillo Eras, Cesar Albertoes_ES
dc.identifier.citationJaramillo Eras, Cesar Alberto. (2018). Desarrollo de un software para el cálculo del balance hídrico en cuencas hidrográficas . (Trabajo de Titulación de Ingeniero Civil ). UTPL, Loja.es_ES
dc.descriptionAbstract:The need for knowledge of water resources in a basin can be done by quantifying the different variables involved in the water balance, therefore it is necessary to apply monthly hydrological models. The objective of this research is to develop software for the calculation of the water balance in hydrographic basins. The application of Thornthwaite & Mather s hydrological model has been chosen for the calculation of the water balance. The graphical interface of the software was developed in PyQt5, the computer work of programming the calculation modules for the water balance was carried out on the Java Eclipse Neon 3.0 platform using the Python programming language. This work was carried out in the hydrological period 2000 to 2010 in the sub-basin of the El Pindo river. The final result of this research was a software for calculating water balances in hydrographic basins.es_ES
dc.subjectRecursos hídricos.es_ES
dc.subjectIngeniero civil - Tesis y disertaciones académicases_ES
dc.titleDesarrollo de un software para el cálculo del balance hídrico en cuencas hidrográficases_ES
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