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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-An approach for resilient hierarchical routing in mobile networksTorres Tandazo, R.; Cueva Carrión, S.
-Bibliographic resources manager using knowledge maps [Gestor de recursos bibliográficos utilizando mapas de conocimiento]Rodriguez Morales, G.; Cueva Carrión, S.
28-Jul-2015Evaluation of mobility models to mobile networks in emergency and rescue scenarios AVM, UPM, pursue, waypoint and brownian [Evaluación de modelos de movilidad para redes móviles en escenarios de emergencia y rescate: AVM, UPM, Pursue, Waypoint y Brownian]Torres Tandazo, R.; Ludeña Gonzalez, P.; Monteros Cueva, K.; Cueva Carrión, S.
20-Jun-2015Framework for assessing the quality of sites Open Course Ware (OCW) by quality attributes [Marco de Referencia para Evaluar la Calidad de Sitios Open Course Ware (ocw) Mediante Atributos de Calidad]Rodriguez Morales, G.; Marban, .; Cueva Carrión, S.; Sucunuta España, M.
-Implementation of social and semantic tools into open educational resources productionRodriguez Morales, G.; Tovar, E.; Cueva Carrión, S.
-Implementation of social technologies for Open Course Ware OCW platforms [Implementación de tecnologías sociales para plataformas open course ware OCW]Rodriguez Morales, G.; Cueva Carrión, S.
-Improving lifetime and availability for ad hoc networks to emergency and rescue scenariosTorres Tandazo, R.; Sandoval Noreña, F.; Cueva Carrión, S.; Enciso Quispe, L.
-OER'S production cycle with social authorship and semantic toolsRodriguez Morales, G.; Cueva Carrión, S.; Romero Pelaez, A.
-OERs, standards and trends [OER, estándares y tendencias]Rodriguez Morales, G.; Cueva Carrión, S.
-Open Course Ware (OCW) as Support to the Social and Collaborative LearningRodriguez Morales, G.; Marban, .; Cueva Carrión, S.
-Reusable and interoperative specifications for OERs based on StandardsRodriguez Morales, G.; Tovar, E.; Cueva Carrión, S.