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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of Lepechinia radula Benth Epling from Ecuador: the essential oil.Malagon Aviles, O.; Ramirez Robles, J.; Cartuche Flores, L.; Valarezo Valdez, B.; Morocho Zaragocin, S.; Guaya Caraguay, D.
1-Jan-2015Chemical composition and biological activity of the essential oil of Baccharis obtusifolia Kunth from Loja, EcuadorCartuche Flores, L.; Morocho Zaragocin, S.; Ojeda Riascos, E.; Valarezo Valdez, B.; Gonzalez Perez, S.; Guaya Caraguay, D.; Armijos Riofrio, C.
1-Feb-2012Chemical composition of essential oils of two species of the Lamiaceae family: Scutellaria volubilis and Lepechinia paniculata from Loja, EcuadorGuaya Caraguay, D.; Valarezo Valdez, B.; Malagon Aviles, O.; Castillo, A.; Morocho Zaragocin, S.
1-Jan-2014Evaluation of phosphate removal capacity of Mg/Al Layered Double Hydroxides from aqueous solutionsGuaya Caraguay, D.; Novillo, C.; Cota, I.; Allen-Perkins Avendaño, A.; Armijos Riofrio, C.
1-Jun-2016Modification of a natural zeolite with Fe(III) for simultaneous phosphate and ammonium removal from aqueous solutionsGuaya Caraguay, D.; Farran, A.; Valderrama, C.; Cortina, J.
1-Mar-2016Phosphate removal from aqueous solutions using a hybrid fibrous exchanger containing hydrated ferric oxide nanoparticlesGuaya Caraguay, D.
1-Sep-2016Recovery of ammonium and phosphate from treated urban wastewater by using potassium clinoptilolite impregnated hydrated metal oxides as N-P-K fertilizerGuaya Caraguay, D.
1-Jul-2015Simultaneous phosphate and ammonium removal from aqueous solution by a hydrated aluminum oxide modified natural zeoliteGuaya Caraguay, D.; Farran, A.; Valderrama, C.; Armijos Riofrio, C.; Cortina, J.