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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-May-2014A network-based approach to identify substrate classes of bacterial glycosyltransferasesSanchez Rodriguez, A.
23-Nov-2016Are there keystone mycorrhizal fungi associated to tropical epiphytic orchids?Suarez Chacon, J.; Sanchez Rodriguez, A.
9-Mar-2016Efficient and biologically relevant consensus strategy for Parkinson's disease gene prioritizationPerez Castillo , Y.; Sanchez Rodriguez, A.
1-Mar-2016Factors influencing land fractioning in the context of land market deregulation in EcuadorGarcia Samaniego, J.; Reyes Bueno, F.; Crecente, R.; Tubío, J.; Miranda, D.; Sanchez Rodriguez, A.
29-Apr-2015Frequency-based haplotype reconstruction from deep sequencing data of bacterial populationsPulido-Tamayo, S.; Dubey, A.; Swings, T.; Fostier, J.; Van Den Bergh, B.; Steenackers, H.; Sanchez Rodriguez, A.; Michiels, J.; Marchal, K.
7-Aug-2014Genome-scale co-expression network comparison across Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium reveals significant conservation at the regulon level of local regulators despite their dissimilar lifestylesSanchez Rodriguez, A.
-Ligand-Based Virtual Screening Using Tailored Ensembles: A Prioritization Tool for Dual A2A Adenosine Receptor Antagonists / Monoamine Oxidase B InhibitorsPerez Castillo , Y.; Sanchez Rodriguez, A.
1-Jun-2016Optimization of a molecular technique for the characterization of bacterial and fungal soil communities in tropical ecosystems in southern Ecuador [Puesta a punto de una técnica molecular para el estudio de hongos y bacterias totales de suelo en ecosistemas tropicales del sur de Ecuador]Cueva Agila, A.; Castillo Monroy, A.; Sanchez Rodriguez, A.
1-Jan-2016Probing the Hypothesis of SAR Continuity Restoration by the Removal of Activity Cliffs Generators in QSARPerez Castillo , Y.; Sanchez Rodriguez, A.
1-Jul-2016Shifts in leaf litter breakdown along a forest�pasture�urban gradient in Andean streamsCueva Agila, A.; Iñiguez Armijos, C.; Espinosa íñiguez, C.; Sanchez Rodriguez, A.