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Title: Antifungal activity of raw extract and flavanons isolated from Piper ecuadorense from Ecuador
Authors: Malagon Aviles, O.
Ramirez Robles, J.
Aguilar Ramirez, S.
Cartuche Flores, L.
Morocho Zaragocin, S.
Keywords: antifungal activity
piper ecuadorense
matico de monte 2012-11-27
Publisher: Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy
Abstract: The MeOH extract of Piper ecuadorense Sodiro, Piperaceae, was chosen for metabolite isolation and elucidation due to the strong antifungal activity exhibited, measured by means of the broth microdilution method. Two known flavonoids: pinostrobin (1) and pinocembrin (2) were isolated from 4,16 g. of dichloromethane extract by column chromatography, using a gradient of hexane/EtOAc. A total of 20 mg of 1 were obtained from the fraction eluted with hexane-EtOAc 95:5 v/v, and 100 mg of 2 were obtained from the fraction eluted with hexane-EtOAc 85:15 v/v. The MIC values of the MeOH extract was 31,25 �
ISBN: 0102-695X
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