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Title: The use of supplementary materials for teaching children in EFL classes
Authors: Bustamante Yépez, María del Cisne
Keywords: Educación
Materiales de enseñanza
Ciencias de la Educación - Tesis 2012-04-30
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Bustamante Yépez, María del Cisne. (2012). The use of supplementary materials for teaching children in EFL classes. (Tesis de Ciencias de la Educación). UTPL. Loja. pp. 72.
Description: The use of supplementary materials plays an important role in our country’s education, particularly English language teaching. Traditional methods do not meet students’ needs; thus, students do not feel motivated to study a foreign language. For this reason, the use of supplementary materials for teaching children in EFL classes will be researched, which purpose is to analyze the types of supporting materials used for teaching children in EFL classes with focus on pertinence, appropriateness, and quality (qualitative) and frequency and variety (quantitative). This study was done in a private school in Loja, Ecuador. The participants were 3 classrooms, one of 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. The data obtained through the observation of 30 classes was registered in observation sheets. Teachers and some students gave their opinion about these materials. The main conclusion is that a great variety of supplementary materials was frequently used in class because teachers were aware that they cannot work efficiently without these aids. Supplementary materials were successfully since they promoted an effective learning environment. Consequently, classes became more interesting and students seemed enthusiastic in the classroom.
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