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Title: A descriptive analysis of Anglicisms use in ecuadorian magazines.
Authors: Darquea Sánchez, Sara Eugenia
Espinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Segarra Faggioni, Verónica
Keywords: Linguistica
Anglicismos hispanos
Anglicismos en revistas ecuatorianas
Ciencias de la educación - Inglés - Tesis 2012-10-11
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Darquea Sánchez, Sara Eugenia. Espinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad. (2011). A descriptive analysis of Anglicisms use in ecuadorian magazines. (Tesis de Licenciado de Ciencias de la Educación mención Inglés). UTPL. Loja. pp. 109.
Description: This paper provides a research on A Descriptive Analysis of Anglicisms in Ecuadorian magazines. This research took place in Loja city, using magazines as samples taking into account three different variables: cultural magazines (Pa labrar and Mediodía), Scholarly magazines (Gestión y economía and Revista Médica del Sur), and general interest magazines (Hogar and Vistazo). In order to perform this investigation the Qualitative and Quantitative methods were employed. After having analyzed the samples the outcome confirms the word Internet is the most applied anglicism in the three researched variables. Likewise, General interest magazines contain the highest number of borrowings followed by Scholarly ones. Finally, Cultural magazines employ the lowest numbers of Anglicisms. This paper finishes with an attempt to convey that English influence does not endanger Spanish language; on the contrary, the usage of some borrowings which have no equivalence in Spanish language is an instrument for intellectual, culture, wYtechnological, social and commercial relations which are parts of our globalized society.
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metadata.dc.type: bachelorThesis
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