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dc.contributor.authorCueva, Samanta-
dc.descriptionThe present paper shows the Word made to implement of one production cycle of OERs using Social and Semantic Resources into an OCW repository of a high level educational institution which has allowed to prove the proposal of OER’s production cycle based on ADDIE instruction design modeles_ES
dc.descriptionAn Open Educational Resource (OER), is digital content accessible from web repositories, the usage of OER’s in third level education is a unique opportunity to fair social information access, application and generation of knowledge. The present work shows the results of a whole OER production cycle which includes social components and semantic web; based on the model of instructional design ADDIE. The implementation tests have been applied in the OCW repository of a university. The results gotten with the implementation of this OER production life cycle are: the collaborative construction of the resources of the teachers’ intervention (experts), students (users) and technical staff; conformation of virtual communities; search optimization, identification and spreading of these resources; and time improving OER’s production. It is important to mention that this production cycle can be used by other third level institutions with certain modification to the publicity policies depending on the particular legal backgroundes_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipUTPL, SENESCYT, UPMes_ES
dc.subjectOpen Educational Resourceses_ES
dc.subjectSocial Toolses_ES
dc.subjectSemantic Webes_ES
dc.subjectProduction cyclees_ES
dc.subjectOpen Course Warees_ES
dc.titleImplementation of Social and Semantic Tools into Open Educational Resources Productiones_ES
dc.title.alternativeImplementación de ciclo de Producción de Recursos Educativos Abiertos con Herramientas Sociales y Semánticases_ES
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