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dc.contributor.advisorCastillo Álvarez, Pablo Josées_ES
dc.contributor.authorLema Segarra, Alexandra Elizabethes_ES
dc.identifier.citationLema Segarra, Alexandra Elizabeth. (2018). Estudio comparado y sociojurídico de la unión de hecho desde el caso ecuatoriano con Brasil. (Trabajo de Titulación de Abogado ). UTPL, Nueva Loja.es_ES
dc.descriptionResumen:The Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, recognize the union in fact, as a link that gives rise to the formation of the family, equating the rights and obligations of families constituted under this regime with the formed through marriage, in the same form is protected and recognized the union in fact in the Civil Code. By its direct relationship with the family and because it is a new institution, it is studied in this research work on the basis of a comparative analysis with the legislation of Brazil, where the stable union as a recognized regime has also been added as a family entity. The research focuses on the analysis of historical evolution, concept, the legal nature, effects, and completion of this link in the two laws establishing similarities and differences that contribute to the better understanding of the union in fact. The criteria obtained through field research suggest that there are some aspects that would help improve the ecuadorian legislation protecting best families constituted by this regime.es_ES
dc.subjectÉtica legales_ES
dc.titleEstudio comparado y sociojurídico de la unión de hecho desde el caso ecuatoriano con Brasiles_ES
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