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Title: Análisis y estrategias de diseño sustentable en quebradas urbanas Caso de estudio Quebrada San Cayetano
Authors: Culquipuma Vire, Maria del Cisne
Keywords: Quebrada San Cayetano
Diseño sustentable.
Arquitecto 2018-10-17T23:47:01Z
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Culquipuma Vire, Maria del Cisne. (2018). Análisis y estrategias de diseño sustentable en quebradas urbanas Caso de estudio Quebrada San Cayetano. (Trabajo de Titulación de Arquitecto ). UTPL, Loja.
Description: Abstract:The present work of investigation arises with the purpose of recovering the gorges of the city of Loja. It seeks to generate strategies applicable in urban ravines, within the practice of design based on sustainability. The study site for the analysis is the San Cayetano creek, the same one that presents a source of insecurity, pollution and disorder in urban planning, disrespecting the margins of protection of the same; attacking with these alterations the ecosystem and the biodiversity that develops in its surroundings. For this study, a macro, meso and micro analysis will be carried out using the pixel analysis method, in order to have a more accurate diagnosis. It will be based on components, variables and indicators; under geographic, environmental and urban principles. With the contribution of this diagnosis will be determined actions to intervene through the use of resources, for the correct application of strategies in the recovery of the stream; with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the sector by promoting productive development, with greater utility and less impact.
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