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2015-02-11A case study of an English as a foreign language grammar student, TEFL program portfolioCamacho Minuche, Gina Karina; Espinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo
2016-07-29Academic Factors that Hinder the Use of Grammar for Communicative Purposes in Second Year Students of Public High schools in LojaEspinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo; Sosoranga Gualan, Doris Elizabeth
2018-07-10T16:16:39ZDevelopment of academic vocabulary by isolated presentation strategies vs in-context presentation strategies: comparative analysisEspinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo; Ponce Martínez, Roberth Israel
2016-08-26eachers and students´ perceptions of teaching English in small classes in Ecuador /Espinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo; Ibarra Segura, María Leisi
2018-07-17T13:52:10ZEcuadorian high school teachers’ perceptions on ICT use in their EFL classesEspinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo; Jirón Abad, Malrilud Nataly
2016-11-22English Language Students and their Motivation to Learn the LanguageEspinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo; Cañar Herrera, Segundo humberto; jumbo Jumbo, Irma Maribel
2014-04-03Factors that influence the English language teaching - learning process in Ecuadorian p rivate high schoolsEspinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo; González Granda, Martha Janeth
2016-03-14Factors that influence the English language teaching-learning process in Ecuadorian private high schoolsEspinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo; Banegas Loarte, Rosa Elvira
2017-04-07Influence of teachers’ professional development on the application of interactive methods, strategies, and activities to teach English for communicative purpose.Espinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo; Ramírez Tandazo, Willan Stalin
2017-04-10Students’ perceptions on their listening comprehension difficulties in EFL classrooms: An Ecuadorian caseEspinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo; Álvarez Zaruma, José Antonio
2015-06-12The influence of large classes in the English language teaching-learning process in Ecuadorian high schools, estudio realizado en el Colegio Nacional Manta del cantón Manta, provincia de Manabí, en el año lectivo 2013 2014Espinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo; Bowen Mancheno, Brigitte; Delgado Bailón, María de Lourdes