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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Aug-2016Analysis of Performance of the Routing Protocols Ad Hoc using Random Waypoint Mobility Model Applied to an Urban EnvironmentQuezada Sarmiento, P.; Espinoza Celi, V.; Enciso Quispe, L.
22-May-2015Comparing competences on academia and occupational contexts based on similarity measuresQuezada Sarmiento, P.; Ludeña Gonzalez, P.; Gonzalez Eras, A.
-Curricular design based in bodies of knowledge: Engineering education for the innovation and the industryQuezada Sarmiento, P.; Washizaki , H.; Enciso Quispe, L.; Garbajosa, J.
1-Jan-2016Design of a machine vision applied to educational board gameQuezada Sarmiento, P.; Guajala Michay, M.; Calderon Cordova, C.; Barba Guaman, L.
17-Jan-2017Detection of the characters from the license plates by cascade classifiers methodQuezada Sarmiento, P.; Barba Guaman, L.; Calderon Cordova, C.
27-Apr-2016Evaluation of occupational and professional profiles in Ecuadorian context based on guide of Knowledge SWEBOK and ontological modelQuezada Sarmiento, P.; Morocho Quezada, M.; Garbajosa, J.; Pacheco, L.
-Open Drugstores Mobile AppQuezada Sarmiento, P.; Enciso Quispe, L.; Solano Jaramillo, L.; Barba Guaman, L.
21-Nov-2016Use of Body Knowledge and Cloud Computing Tools to Develop Software Projects Based in InnovationQuezada Sarmiento, P.; Garbajosa, J.; Enciso Quispe, L.
-Use of Standard and Model based on BOK to Evaluate Professional and Occupational ProfilesQuezada Sarmiento, P.; Garbajosa, J.; Enciso Quispe, L.
-Using tools of cloud computing for defining, planning, monitoring innovation projects and knowledge generation [Uso de herramientas de computación en la nube para definir, planificar, controlar proyectos de innovación y generación de conocimiento]Quezada Sarmiento, P.; Enciso Quispe, L.; Garbajosa, J.