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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Nov-2016Grading vs. scientific publications: Data envelopment analysis as a method of teacher assessmentGomez Alvarado, H.; Arias Tapia, S.
14-Nov-2016The dissociation between polarity, semantic orientation, and emotional tone as an early indicator of cognitive impairmentGomez Alvarado, H.; Arias Tapia, S.; Barbosa Corbacho, J.
-A methodology for identifying attributes of academic excellence based on a 20/80 Pareto distributionCartuche Flores, C.; Gomez Alvarado, H.; Arias Tapia, S.; Malo Martinez, S.
27-Apr-2016Encryption techniques: A theoretical overview and future proposalsArias Tapia, S.; Gomez Alvarado, H.; Correa Quezada, R.
-Social learning environmentsGomez Alvarado, H.; Arias Tapia, S.; Torres Diaz, J.
-An analysis of opinions about tourist services based on the semantic orientation of textsArias Tapia, S.; Sanchez Cevallos, R.; Ludeña Reyes, A.; Victor, H.
-Identification of Semantic Focal Groups for Tourist Packages Based on The Semantic Orientation of OpinionsSanchez, j.; Buenaño, H.; Arias Tapia, S.; Bustamante Sanchez, N.; Malo Martinez, S.
19-Jan-2016Emotions analysis techniques: Their application in the identification of criteria for selecting suitable Open Educational Resources (OERs)Torres Carrion, P.; Gomez Alvarado, H.; Arias Tapia, S.
-Identification of alarming behaviour introduced by monitoring based in the integration of ontologiesMartinez, R.; Gomez Alvarado, H.; Arias Tapia, S.
5-Jun-2015Identification of loitering human behaviour in video surveillance environmentsCaballero, A.; Arias Tapia, S.; Gomez Alvarado, H.; Tomás, R.; Ludeña Gonzalez, P.; Gonzalez Eras, A.; Ratte, S.