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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Deforestation and Benthic Indicators: How Much Vegetation Cover Is Needed to Sustain Healthy Andean Streams?Iñiguez Armijos, C.
-Coxiella burnetii seroprevalence and associated risk factors in dairy and mixed cattle farms from EcuadorSaa, L.; Torralbo, A.; Arenas, A.; Carbonero, A.; Guzman Ordoñez, L.; Montaño, K.
-Sodium fertilization increases termites and enhances decomposition in an Amazonian forestDonoso Vargas, D.
1-Jan-2014Evaluation of TRMM 3B42 precipitation estimates and WRF retrospective precipitation simulation over the Pacific-Andean region of Ecuador and PeruPineda, L.; Pineda Ordoñez, L.
-Food production and climate protection-What abandoned lands can do to preserve natural forestsKnoke, T.; Ochoa Moreno, W.
-Climate and grazing control nurse effects in an Ecuadorian dry shrubby communityEspinosa íñiguez, C.
-The journalistic professionalization in Ecuador: The experience on the streets or the knowledge of the classrooms?Punin Larrea, M.
-Euphorbia weberbaueri (Euphorbiaceae), new record for EcuadorCabrera Cisneros, H.
-Co-occurring grazing and climate stressors have different effects on the total seed bank when compared to the persistent seed bankEspinosa íñiguez, C.; De La Cruz, M.
-Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) infection in non-vaccinated dairy and dual purpose cattle herds in EcuadorSaa, L.; Jara, D.; Ramos, R.; Carbonero, .; Perea, A.; Arenas, A.; Garcia-Bocanegra, I.