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Title: The use of supplementary materials for teaching children in EFL classes
Authors: Merchán Sacoto, Jenny de la Nube
Keywords: Educación
Materiales de enseñanza
.- Ciencias de Educación.- Tesis 2012-05-07
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Merchán Sacoto, Jenny de la Nube. (2012). The use of supplementary materials for teaching children in EFL classes. (Tesis de Ciencias de la Educación - Ingles). UTPL. Azogues. pp. 70.
Description: The topic of this research was “The use of supplementary materials for teaching English in EFL classes”. The main purpose was to figure out whether or not teachers use supplementary materials and how efficiently they are used. The information was gathered in an Azogues city elementary school, in grades 4th, 5th and 6th with children ranging from 8 to 10 years old. This is an urban school, in which a few supplementary materials, such as pictures, board, and realia, were used. For the tabulation and analysis of results, the qualitative method was used in order to describe the materials managed by teachers, and to assess if they were pertinent, and qualified. The quantitative method was used to determine the frequency of use of such materials. Summing up, there are significant differences between, working with or without supplementary materials. The consequence is a domino effect that promotes interaction and changes in the classroom environment. At the same time, supplementary materials improve the classroom bond, resulting in a higher involvement or development of results for both teachers and students.
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