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Title: A descriptive analysis of Anglicisms use in ecuadorian magazines.
Authors: Jaramillo Pontón, Mayra Fernanda
Morocho Pintado, Cristina Kathalina
Keywords: Linguistica
Anglicismos hispanos
Anglicismos en revistas ecuatorianas
Ciencias de la educación - Inglés - Tesis 2012-10-11
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Jaramillo Pontón, Mayra Fernanda. Morocho Pintado, Cristina Kathalina. (2011). A descriptive analysis of Anglicisms use in ecuadorian magazines. (Tesis de Licenciado de Ciencias de la Educación mención Inglés). UTPL. Loja. pp. 101.
Description: The theme of the present research work refers to A Descriptive Analysis of Anglicisms in Ecuadorian Magazines, which main objective is to research on the linguistic phenomenon of anglicisms used in Ecuadorian magazines. Actually, this research was done in the city of Loja by reading and searching the anglicisms in three types of magazines: in the first place, Pa labrar and Suridea which belong to the cultural group; also, Gestión Economía y Sociedad and Clinicasa for the scholarly one; lastly, two magazines of general interest, La Onda and Vistazo. In general, the Bibliographical, Analytic and Descriptive methods were used to develop the main contents that are included in the present investigation. Additionally, we also used the qualitative and quantitative methods in order to analyze the anglicisms found during the research process. As a result of the study, the linguistic analysis pointed out that the anglicisms found in the three types of magazines suffered some modifications in order to be adapted to the z
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