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Title: Factors that affect the English language teaching - learning process in Ecuadorian public high schools
Authors: Acosta Pico, Stefanía Karolina
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: González Torres, Paúl Fernando
Keywords: Educación secundaria
Ingles – Enseñanza estudiantes extranjeros
Lenguaje y lengua – Enseñanza
Licenciado en ciencias de la educación mención inglés - Tesis y disertaciones académicas 2013-07-22
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Acosta Pico, Stefanía Karolina. (2013). Factors that affect the English language teaching - learning process in Ecuadorian public high schools. (Trabajo de Titulación de licenciado en ciencias de la educación mención inglés). UTPL, Quito.
Description: This research work is based on the aim of analyzing the factors that affect the English language teaching- learning process. This study was carried out with the collaboration of five Public high schools in Quito including students from eight grade to third year baccalaureate. Student groups were from 12 to 25 years old depending on the school’s schedule. This research work followed a data gathering process that included three elements. First, techniques such as surveys and note-taking were used. Secondly, observation formats and questionnaires were part of the instruments. In fact, there were a teachers’ questionnaire and a students’ questionnaire. Moreover, an observation sheet was completed to compare the results obtained. Third, primary and secondary information sources were used during the whole researching process. As a result, the application of qualitative and quantitative research methods contributed to the analysis and interpretation of the results from this study. To conclude, this study presents the factors that influence the teaching - learning process of a second language acquisition in Ecuadorian Public high schools determining classroom conditions, English teachers’ features and teachers’ professional ability.
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metadata.dc.type: bachelorThesis
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