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Title: Factors that Affect the English Language Teaching - Learning Process In Ecuadorian Public High Schools
Authors: España Solis, Elizabeth Mireya
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Solano Jaramillo, Lida Mercedes
Keywords: Educación secundaria
Lengua inglesa - Enseñanza
Inglés - Métodos de enseñanza
Lenguaje y lenguas - Enseñanza
Ciencias de la educación - Inglés - Disertaciones académicas 2014-04-03
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: España Solis, Elizabeth Mireya. (2013). Factors that Affect the English Language Teaching - Learning Process In Ecuadorian Public High Schools. (Trabajo de fin de titulación de Licenciado en Ciencias de la Educación Mención Inglés). UTPL, Quito. 76 pp.
Description: This study is based on the factors that affect the English Language teaching- learning process in Ecuadorian public high schools. Its main purpose is to analyze the factors that influence in the English teaching-learning process. Therefore, the variables considered in this study were related to factors such as students, teachers, classrooms, and educational institutions. The current study took place in five public high schools in Quito where fifteen teachers and fifteen students from first, second, and third years were selected as main participants. The general approach to carry out the current investigation was quantitative, for that reason, the use of questionnaires, surveys and observations were considered as main instruments. The findings indicate that the obstacles are overwhelming to the teaching-learning process as a reason that the lack of a satisfactory English level to teach, significant teaching methods, valuable techniques, essential instructional resources among others has narrowed learners’ creativeness but also their motivation for learning a foreign language. As a result, the findings show that there are several important barriers for both teachers and students to conquer.
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