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Title: Software para la gestión del Programa de Innovación y Formación Docente de la UTPL
Authors: Ordoñez Robles, Erik Santiago
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Jaramillo Hurtado, Danilo Ruben
Keywords: Programas de computador
Formación e innovación de docentes- UTPL
Ingeniero en Sistemas Informáticos y Computación- Tesis y disertaciones académicas 2018-10-29T18:59:25Z
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Ordoñez Robles erik santiago.(2018).Software para la gestión del Programa de Innovación y Formación Docente de la UTPL.(Trabajo de titulación de Ingeniero en Sistemas Informáticos y Computación).UTPL.Loja
Abstract: The present degree work contributes with a software that supports to the execution of the Program of Training and Teaching Innovation of UTPL, systematizing the processes and subprocesses that conform it, in this way it reduces the human effort of those who interact with the program. In the same way, an optimization of the data stores is carried out, thus ensuring the integrity of the data. The processes and subprocesses that make up the program were developed with the collaboration of the managers who are responsible for the execution of the program, in the same way with the tests and validations of the software in order to ensure compliance with the objectives set and to satisfy the needs of the users. The first chapter describes the current situation of the teacher training program, describes the problem to be addressed on which the objectives to be met are set, as well as the methodology to achieve those objectives. The second chapter includes the theoretical bases in terms of development methodologies, software architectures and development tools, after making a comparison in each of these sections has been chosen those that are best suited for the development of this work in particular. When choosing Scrum as a development methodology in the second chapter, the third chapter details the development of the software by iterations together with the development of the documents and artifacts that the methodology requires, these documents are found in the annexes of this work. The fourth chapter addresses the summary of the tests performed on the tool and the validation of the tool to meet the expectations of users. In the fifth chapter there is a brief final discussion about the use of the methodology and architecture used in this development. Finally, the sixth chapter presents the conclusions and recommendations resulting from the development of this work.
Description: El presente trabajo de titulación aporta con una herramienta informática que apoya a la ejecución del Programa de Formación e Innovación Docente de la Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, sistematizando los procesos y subprocesos que lo conforman, de esta manera se reduce el esfuerzo humano de quienes interactúan con el programa. De igual manera se realiza una optimización de los almacenes de datos, asegurando de esta manera la integridad de los datos. Los procesos y subprocesos que conforman el programa fueron levantados con la colaboración de los gestores que se encargan de la ejecución del programa, de igual manera con las pruebas y validaciones de la herramienta informática a fin de asegurar el cumplimiento de los objetivos planteados y de satisfacer las necesidades de los usuarios.
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