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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Spatio-temporal analysis of the human footprint in South Ecuador: Influence of human pressure on ecosystems and effectiveness of protected areasTapia Armijos, M.
8-Aug-2016Learning Algorithm for the Recursive Pattern Recognition ModelAguilar Castro, J.
1-Aug-2016Arenillas Ecological Reserve; A refuge of biodiversity or an island of extinction? [Reserva Ecológica Arenillas �un refugio de diversidad biológica o una isla en extinción?]Cisneros Vidal, R.; Espinosa íñiguez, C.; Escribano ávila, G.; Jara Guerrero, A.
20-Dec-2016Potato field-inoculation in Ecuador with Rhizophagus irregularis: no impact on growth performance and associated arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communitiesSuarez Chacon, J.
28-Nov-2016Guidelines to producing structured interoperable data from Open Access RepositoriesPiedra Pullaguari, N.; Chicaiza Espinosa, J.; Lopez Vargas, J.
1-Jan-2016Open education practices as answer to new demands of training in entrepreneurship competences: The role of recommender systemsPiedra Pullaguari, N.; Lopez Vargas, J.; Tovar, E.; Chicaiza Espinosa, J.
31-Mar-2017Medicinal plants used as anthelmintics: Ethnomedical, pharmacological, and phytochemical studiesBailon Moscoso, N.; Romero Benavides, J.
1-Oct-2016Ecuadorian teachers communication: Presence and use of academic scientific networks [Docentes ecuatorianos de comunicación: Presencia y uso de las redes científicas académicas]Punin Larrea, M.
2-Nov-2016Open innovation and social construction through MOOCs of energy sustainability: Contributions from theoretical foundationMinga Vallejo, R.
22-Nov-2016Grading vs. scientific publications: Data envelopment analysis as a method of teacher assessmentGomez Alvarado, H.; Arias Tapia, S.