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Title: English as a foreign language pre-reading skills readiness at Kindergarten level
Authors: Gross Morillo, María Alejandra
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: González Torres, Paúl Fernando
Keywords: Inglés – Enseñanza
Métodos de enseñanza
Maestría en Enseñanza del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera - Tesis 2012-09-27
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Gross Morillo, María Alejandra (2012). English as a foreign language pre-reading skills readiness at Kindergarten level (Tesis de Maestría de enseñanza de Inglés como lengua extranjera). UTPL, Quito Pp. 63
Description: This study examined varied methodologies available for the development of pre-reading skills, making an emphasis on phonics and how it may affect reading fluency. A Kindergarten student was evaluated on her knowledge of phonics, phonemic awareness and phoneme isolation during a period of 28 weeks. Information was gathered from in-class observation as well as from analyzing student work, and using oral and written evaluations. The researcher predicted that using varied methodologies together, over a single approach enhances the early pre-reading process which is consistent with the opinions of Bramberger (as cited in Corporación Futuro, 2012). By itself, phonics instruction presented advantages as well as disadvantages which will only become more apparent once the student reaches reading age. Additionally, it was examined how the knowledge that teachers have of the TESOL/NCATE standards may have an impact on the development of their students. Overall, the researcher recommends for phonics instruction not be thought of as a standalone approach when preparing students to read, relying on the TESOL/NCATE standards as a guide.
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