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2017-08-02T20:19:05ZStudents’ perceptions on their listening comprehension difficulties in EFL classrooms: An Ecuadorian Case.Paredes Zúñiga, Fabián Marcelo; Narváez Caicedo, Fanny Margarita
2017-08-02T13:08:33ZDiagnosis of the performing of the four basic skills in thr English teaching learning process of the students of the fourth course diversificated cyrcle of the High School Santa Juana de Chantal and Instituto Tecnico Sperior Repubñica del Ecuador in Otavalo city academic year 1995-1996Sarango Palacios, Efren; Astudillo Andrade, Carmen; Puga Quintana, Sonia
2017-07-24T21:20:36ZEnglish language students and their motivation to learn the languageSolano Jaramillo, Lida Mercedes; Abril Calero, Devin Ignacio; Pérez Villagómez, Evelyn Vanessa
2017-07-13T16:01:49ZDidactic english for sixth course students of the national at a- distance educational system "Monseñor Leonidas ProañoAguirre, Armando Augusto; Sánchez Armijos, Rober de Jesus
2017-07-12T17:44:54ZFactors that influence the English language teaching-learning process in Ecuadorian private high schoolsBenítez Correa, Carmen Delia; Vinueza Figueroa, Raquel Noemi
2017-07-10T18:27:19ZThe use of the audio-cassette in the development of oral communication in english of the students enroled in the at-a-distance systemBurneo Burneo, Rosario María; Altamirano Arias, Maritza; Unda Costa, Ana Lucia
2017-07-10T16:35:40ZFactors that fall in to the levels of promotion in the english and National Language subjects in the basic cycle of LojaBurneo, Maria del Cisne; Maldonado Rivera, Judith Jackeline; Morales Carrion, Amada Isabel
2017-07-10T15:37:45ZApplying evaluation methods of the english language in the basic cycle of Highschool of Loja citySarmiento, Elizabeth; Herrera, Wilma; Peñaranda, Rocio; Medina, Zandra
2017-07-10T14:15:37ZDidactic english for the students who study the fourth year at the unit of at - a distance education of Loja in the "Mon-señor Leonidas Proaño" National SystemMaldonado Rivera, Judith; Jaramillo Gonzalez, Alba; Jaramillo, Nancy Mireya
2017-07-10T13:26:57ZHumor, irony, satire and symbolism in Charles Dickens´ protest novelAguirre Valdivieso, Fanny; Castillo Cuesta, Luz Mercedes
2017-07-10T13:00:19ZDiagnosis and perspectives on the english language teaching-learning process in higschools of Calvas cantonSamaniego, Margarita; Cueva, Eugenia; Vivanco, Dunia
2017-07-06T13:56:36ZThe use of the stick figure technique in teaching English as a second languageBurneo, Maria de Lourdes; Molina, Maria de Lourdes
2017-07-06T13:15:00ZThe new evaluation system proposed by the cradle projeck and its the influence on the students archiviment from classes one two and three of the public nighy schools of city of LojaSarango Palacios, Efrén Eduardo; Astudillo Iñiguez, Irma Ligia; Gonzalez Gonzalez, Ana Maria
2017-07-06T12:42:15ZThe importance of becoming a skilled teacher of English as a foreing languageSalinas Vera, Victor; Zavala, Genoveva
2017-07-05T16:56:50ZThe factors that have influenced the development of English communication skills in the sixth course of public and private high scgools of Loja cityBurneo Burneo, Magdalena; Morocho, Patricio; Peña, Colón
2017-07-05T16:25:47ZThe creadle Project and its effects in the Enghish language learning of the students of second year of diversifield cycle from Luis Vargas Torres and Margarita Cortes Schools in Esmeraldas city during the schools year 1998-1999 /Castillo, Geovany; Astudillo, Estuardo
2017-07-05T15:11:50ZSummary of the classroom tasks undertaken at Diez de agosto High School with fith year students during the period 1995-4996Rojas Soria, Graciela; Rojas Ampudia, Irma
2017-07-04T20:11:12ZHow teachers pedagogical and scientific preparation affect students english achievement at Loja''s night high schools colección cuarto crecienteBurneo, Magdalena; Saraguro Tacuri, Maria Magdalena; Guaycha Sandoya, Jenny del Rosario
2017-07-04T19:45:27ZExperimental method for implementing creative writing to estudents who have achieved three years of english as a foreing language instruccion in a bilingual schoolChernoivan, Alina; Chauvin F., Susana; Kennedy T., Dominique,
2017-07-04T18:16:47ZStages of the learning process aimed at the development of oral fluency with the students of the four courses in the San Antonio de Pauda High Schoool in Tulcan City province of CarchiNesterenko, Nina Alexandrovna; Peñafiel Arcos, Edison
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 476