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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Mar-2016A Bayesian network approach to classifying bad debt in hospitalsShi, D.
2-Dec-2015A business intelligence model for online tutoring processCordero Zambrano, J.; Aguilar Castro, J.; Reategui Rojas, R.; Valdiviezo Diaz, P.
2016A case study about strategies used to teach a student with Asperger syndromeCamacho Minuche, Gina Karina; Yaguachi Torres, Maricela Elizabeth
2020A Case study Comparison between peer and teacher written corrective feedback and its effects on students written production /González Torres, Paúl Fernando; Espinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad
2014A case study of an English as a foreign language grammar student, TEFL program portfolioCamacho Minuche, Gina Karina; Espinosa Jaramillo, Franklin Oswaldo
4-May-2012A case study of an english as a foreign language reading student at fine-tuned english language school. – tefl program portfolioIber, George; Cevallos Novillo, Indira María
2012A case study of an English as a foreign language student focused on writing skills - TEFL program portfolioZúñiga Ojeda, Alexandra; Heredia Quinde, Tania Mireya
2012A case study of an English as a foreign language student who presented difficulties on the difference between the simple past and the present perfect tenses – TEFL Program PortfolioToro Gallardo, Lisset Vanessa; Vintimilla Coronel, Stephanie
2012A case study of an English as a foreign language writing learner-TEFL program portfolio.Toro Gallardo, Lisset Vanessa; Ramos Medina, María Paola
2014A case study of an english as a foreing language reading student at fine-tuned english language School-TEFL program portfolioIber, George; Cabrera Solano, Paola Alexandra
2017A case study on teachers’ and students’ perceptions about grammar teaching in the EFL classroom.Cabrera Solano, Paola Alexandra; Calderón Bustos, Yandry Manuel
2021A case study on the most common mechanical errors affecting EFL writing skills in high school studentsBenitez Correa, Carmen Delia; Quezada Arteaga, Katherine Pamela
-A clustering optimization strategy to estimate species richness of Sebacinales in the tropical Andes based on molecular sequences from distinct DNA regionsHerrera Vargas, P.; Goker, M.; Suarez Chacon, J.; Setaro, S.; Garnica, S.
21-Nov-2016A Coalitional Game for Femtocell Clustering in OFDMA Macro-femtocell NetworksRohoden Jaramillo, K.
1-Nov-2017A communication law feared and discussed by the press: The case of ecuadorYaguache Quichimbo, J.; Suing Ruiz, A.; Yaguana Romero, H.
2020A comparative analysis of ICT use in EFL teaching in public and private high schoolsQuiñonez Beltrán, Ana Lucía; Gaona Abad, Andrea Silvana
-A comparative analysis of penitentiary management systems in Chile, Spain and the United KingdomDíaz-Villavicencio, G.; Zumba Zuñiga, M.; Cahen, P.; Didonet, S.
2019A comparative analysis of public and private high school students&#146; errors in EFL writing skillQuiñonez Beltrán, Ana Lucía; Arévalo Ruiz, Cristian José
2021A comparative analysis of the technological resources used by teachers in their EFL classes before and during the COVID 19 pandemicQuiñonez Beltrán, Ana Lucía; Hurtado Márquez, Tatiana de los Ángeles
2022A comparative study of peer and teacher feedback in the improvement of writing skills in high school studentsArias Córdova, María Olivia; Capa Cabrera, Yesenia Judith