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2017-10-17T16:19:04ZEl Proyecto Educativo Institucional y su incidencia en el mejoramiento de la Calidad Educativa del Colegio de Bachillerato Rafael Rodríguez Palacios de la Parroquia Malacatos, sección vespertina, cantón Loja, periodo 2016-2017Espinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad; Valle Vargas, Miguel Enrique
2021-10-25T02:52:02ZStrategies for teaching English as a Foreign Language to a student with attention deficit hyperactivity disorderADHD Acase study in Ecuadorian contextEspinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad; Carrión Robles, Luis Fernando
2018-05-17T00:04:25ZSyatematization of pedagogical experiencesEspinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad; Castro González, Verónica Katherine
2020-11-10T17:03:32ZSystematization of pedagogical experiencesEspinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad; Merino Noboa, María Fernanda
2021-01-14T13:55:38ZSystematization of pedagogycal experiences in the EFL teaching training programEspinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad; Segarra Lituma, Juan Pablo
2018-01-10T16:52:50ZTeachers and students’ perceptions of teaching English in small classes in Ecuador.Espinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad; Guayanay Vicente, María Julia
2019-10-03T13:39:39ZThe effects of watching videos with and without English subtitles as a supplementary material to foster the writing productive skill of EFL in a high school: A comparative studyEspinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad; Acaro Jiménez, Lorena Mishel
2021-10-12T13:23:34ZThe impact of using stories in video formats to improve EFL writing skills in high school studentsEspinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad; Sarango Conde, Norma Vanessa
2021-12-15T12:36:57ZThe use of Gamification to improve oral communicative skills in students of English as a foreign languageEspinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad; Simbaña Simbaña, Edwin Alfonso
2019-09-25T21:01:06ZThe use of rubrics in the assessment of paragraphsEspinoza Celi, Verónica Soledad; Merino Jiménez, Liliana Maricela